Balance, Steadiness, Openness

Wise Flow Yoga can bring the lightness and rhythmic flow into your body

Let me take you on a tour of who I am and how my love for yoga took shape. I was born and raised in Greensboro, NC. From a young age I had always desired to be an actor. I kept this dream thriving and decided to study theatre at Lee Strasberg in NYC. This is where my introduction to yoga was presented to me. I didn’t realize at the time the importance of that day back in 2006, someone in passing mentioned a yoga class to me. My curiosity took me to a studio on the Upper East Side. This is where my love developed for yoga.

We have these brief moments in time that awaken us to a new possibility and I am grateful I acted on the impulse to see what yoga was all about. Upon finishing my studies in NYC, I ventured to Los Angeles. Los Angeles led me to meet my husband. Here’s the montage in words to guide you through our years in Los Angeles… dating, fell in love, engaged, married, newly pregnant, birth of our first son, and decided to move to Asheville, NC.

Our time in the mountains was light filled and steady lessons of learning. After the birth of our second son, my yoga practice picked up again. My mat held my past, present and future. My passion for yoga grew deeper than I could’ve ever imagined. After five years of growing in Asheville, my husband got a job offer in Charlotte, NC. Our goal was to grow old in Asheville and witness our boys grow into men there. The universe had other plans and we took the leap and planted our roots in Charlotte. I immediately dove deep and immersed myself in a 200hr yoga teacher training.

I am still learning the puzzle of me, and enjoying the ride of self-discovery. There have been beautiful, and hard life lessons so far in my journey, and I am open to figuring out the best way growth can thrive in myself. I leave you with a steady mantra I practice with daily – growth, acceptance, and abundance of love. Namaste.