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Welcome to Wise Flow Yoga.

My name is Natalie and I’m here to help guide, flow, fill you with knowledge, and lead you into conversations within yourself on your yoga mat. Life is busy and time is sacred in our daily routine. How can you shift thought pattern and movement into a beautiful rhythmic flow in your everyday life? Yoga has given me the mindfulness I need to gain patience throughout my day. I’ve gained a steadiness for listening, a deeper dive into self-discovery of who I am and what I want to gain in this life. As I pour my story onto my mat in my daily practice, I feel an awakening take place in my heart center. I hear so often in yoga classes to leave the worry at the door or drop what’s playing out in your mind. I find that bringing the challenges, the cycle of our worry, greatness we feel from an achievement, the love we feel from our family and friends should be written into our mats. Work through the journey of each moment that plays as you flow into the next posture. Moving those moments with our breath and body, can give us an insight into something bigger than ourselves. I can help you dive into these crevices and open a part of yourself that is waiting to come alive.

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Gentle Flow Yoga

This is a 60-minute all levels gentle flow yoga class. Breathing through longer hold postures as you build core strength. This is an all levels yoga class. Your first class is free, $15 per class after that with no monthly fees.

Power Flow Yoga

This is a 60-minute all levels power flow yoga class. Get ready to build heat within the body, while moving one breath per posture. Your first class is free, $15 per class after that with no monthly fees.

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Wise Flow

A steady flow, a graceful movement, a message of hope, can lead us down a road to fulfillment. I believe that bringing these forces together can shift a beautiful rise in how we process and respond to our daily lives. Not only do we feel a shift in our inner selves but see our physical bodies grow stronger with definition. I am able to provide both, physical change of toning the body and diving deep into questions of who you are and where you want to be. Yoga is a spiritual practice, a practice that gains us courage and knowledge. I am ready to support, guide, flow, and learn along side you.